Qamar medical instruments has been work
since 1997

About US


At our manufacturing Unit, qualified technicians have been producing a wide range of instruments for use in many areas of surgery. Our innovative approach combined with years of experience has resulted in an expansion of scope encompassing new technological advancements within the Healthcare industry.

We have been hand-making instruments for decades and have a wealth of manufacturing expertise at your disposal. As we manufacture everything in-house we are able to accommodate unusual requests, and can produce bespoke instruments if our customers prefer something “made to measure”. This flexibility allows us to meet the increasing demands of the modern theatre environment.

Our continued commitment to quality has ensured that our products are manufactured to the highest standard having been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of SGS ISO 9001-2008, ISO13485-2005, and European Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC).
Our management system ensures a consistent quality product is supplied the first time and every time.


All our instruments carry a Five Year Guarantee, meaning you can buy with confidence. Our instruments can last a lifetime if they are used and maintained with care, ensuring replacement costs are minimal.


By dealing directly with the manufacturer you are able to benefit from significant cost savings, an important factor when trying to get the most out of your budget.

Our aim

To provide hospitals, surgeons, and medical practitioners with healthcare instruments of the highest quality, precision, and cost-effectiveness. To develop Qamar Medical Instruments’ reputation as a world-class manufacturer of high-quality healthcare instruments. To establish Qamar Medical Instruments as the preferred host for surgeons across the globe for multi-discipline R&D in partnership with and for the healthcare instrument industry.

We are certified

We are members of the Chamber of Commerce and Surgical Association of Pakistan. Our company is registered with SGS ISO 9001-13485, 2003 & CE Mark Certification.



Only through security, quality, and sustainability, we create values and new perspectives in the production of OEM Products, custom-made products, and innovative new developments. With careful adherence to all legal requirements, quality management according to the highest requirements, and complete documentation of all production steps and all raw materials used, we create a stable and solid basis for trusting and long-term cooperation with our buyers.


As the leading manufacturer of healthcare instruments in Pakistan. Our goal is to cater to the needs of advanced Healthcare procedures by offering a complete selection of instruments that provide single-source solutions to meet the specific requirement of our customers.

We bring to you over 26 years of experience, combining strength and innovation to provide superior quality, value-oriented pricing, standard as well as innovative/custom-made design, and reliable performance upon which our reputation and success have been established.

We serve this industry by offering quality products with dependable service and ongoing support. Manufacturing with quality is the driving force behind every Qamar Medical Instruments product. We continue to invest in state-of-the-art manufacturing instruments and most importantly in human resources for smooth manufacturing processes.

We guarantee that working with Qamar Medical Instruments, you gain a trusted Business Partner, along with a team of experts who are manufacturers, consultants, and service Professionals under dedicated phenomenon to meeting your specific needs.

Qamar Medical Instruments® The Needles Specialist

Our quality meets the highest standards and our price will definitely bring you increased profits. We welcome you to check our quality once and compare our price with others.

Mir Shahzad – C.E.O